A recipe for success!

At our first assembly of the year, children from year 1 to year 6 created a recipe for success. We thought about what we needed to have in our school cake to ensure success and happiness throughout the year. The children's wonderful imaginations shone through and they came up with a real recipe for success!

Happy holidays!

We would like to thank all our families and the OLM community for your support this year. We have had another fantastic year at OLM and look forward to new adventures in September. Here's our OLM flash mob dance video...a little reminder of the fun we had earlier this year!

Class attendance winners!

Well done Y1M and Y5Y for having the best attendance all year! Today they received their prizes from Aquinas Education. Thank you Aquinas Education for helping get our children to school every day!


Attendance winners!

Congratulations to Jayden, Aurelia and Carolina who were winners in our 100% attendance draw! Well done on getting to school every day this year. The received some vouchers from Sam and Aquinas Education as a reward! Thank you Aquinas Education for helping get our children to school. 

Sports Day winners!

Congratulations to the GREEN team who were the overall winners at Sports Day this year. Well done!

Blue team are the winners!

Congratulations to the blue team who are the winners of the house points competition this year. They enjoyed an afternoon of ice-cream, playground games and had the privilege of wearing their own clothes on Wednesday. Well done Blue team!

Sports Day
Today we celebrated Sports Day! The children and adults had a fantastic morning in the sunshine talking part in lots of different events. The winner  of Sports Day will be announced at a very special assembly on Monday!

OLM Music concert.

watch the highlights of our music concert held on July 9th here! We are so proud of the incredible talent across our school. 





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Friendship Fortnight 

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The digital leaders planned a short lesson and activity for years 1-6  about how to show respect online. The message was that when children see or experience  online bullying to 'Stop Speak Support' and to always choose to show respect online.  

They all created a brick that will be collected and made into a permanent wall of respect. 

The National Young Mathematicians' Awards

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Sadia, Lara, William and Arun (Miss Merrell and Ms Matassini)

Children were invited to compete in a maths competition run with NRICH at the University of Cambridge. They tackled a never-before-seen mathematical problem. They worked really well as a team to try and solve 4 different problems in an hour and then present their findings. 

Friendship fortnight

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The children at OLM have had a fantastic first week of friendship fortnight. They have been watching films based around being left out because of physical differences : Dumbo, Khumba and Wonder. The children then discussed the film and created some fantastic art work based around the themes.  The digital leaders have also been busy asking children how they would react to different scenarios that might occur while on line. Video results to follow...

Across the school we have also been learning about  the importance of resilience and how we need it to achieve challenging tasks. 

Science demonstration

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If you heard any strange loud noises coming from the hall this week, there's nothing to worry about, key stage 2 were busy exploring the world of chemistry with the very lively Dr Szydlo. Children and teachers alike were wowed by a fantastic range of chemical reactions and changes including magical colour changes, disappearing water and even pyrotechnic scientific demonstrations. We will never think about science the same way again! 

Digital Leaders

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Introducing our new Digital Leaders! They have begun their training to become experts in online safety and they have been busy preparing for our Friendship Fortnight. Watch this space...

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