Welcome to Nursery!

Nursery teacher: Mrs Dhinsa

Nursery Nurse: Miss Hepting


Here are some of our Easter activities...

Creating an Easter garden

Celebrating St Patrick's Day

Lola the school dog visits Nursery!

Nursery have been learning about the number zero. We were inspired by the Cookie Monster. The children pretended to be ‘cracker monsters’ counting their crackers, and then eating them one at a time until they had zero!

As part of SpaceWeek Nursery have been learning about what satellites are.  We learned that satellites can help us find out about the weather, use mobile phones, find our way using sat nav in cars and take photos in space. Some of the children made a satellite!  

In Nursery the children have been looking at the book 'Here we Are' by Oliver Jeffers.  They have been thinking about what they would say to an alien that was coming to earth.  Where would they recommend them to visit on earth?  Here are some of the children telling everyone what they would say to the aliens.

Nursery class have settled in so well!  They have been very busy exploring the different areas of the classroom...


Small World Play


Play dough

Domestic role-play

Physical play

Selecting our own resources