Welcome to Nursery

Nursery staff:

Nursery teacher: Miss Haugh

Nursery Nurse: Miss Hepting


This week in our NELI-N lessons we have been learning the words 'match' and 'hide'. Today we painted bubble wrap and had to match the colours. Can you find the chameleons hiding in the pictures? 


Our new RE topic is all about celebrations. We talked about different events that we celebrate, who we celebrate with and how we celebrate these events. We then drew pictures on balloon templates.


We have been learning about shapes. We sung a song called 'Old McDonald had a shape' and then made pigs using circles and squares. Take a look at our piggy pictures. 

Naughty Bus story retelling

We have been reading the Naughty Bus by Jan and Jerry Oke. The children acted out the story. Take a look at the adventures the bus went on!