Chapter 1 - Numbers to 1000

This chapter covers numbers up to 1000 and focuses on the value of each digit: place value. Children will learn how to compose and decompose numbers, compare, order and look for patterns.

Chapter 2 - Addition and Subtraction

This chapter covers addition and subtraction. The chapter starts off with simple addition before moving on to addition where renaming is required. Subtraction is also covered in a similar way where simple subtraction is mastered before moving to subtraction where renaming is required. Once children master addition and subtraction, they start to look at problem solving questions and practice using bar models.



The Pebble in My Pocket: A History of Our Earth

Author: Meredith Hooper

Illustrator: Chris Coady

This information book does what all information books should do: excite the reader’s interest, curiosity and sense of wonder where none may have existed. Meredith Hooper, an award winning science writer, brings her expertise and storytelling skills to the subject of the Earth’s history, beginning with the contemplation of a pebble and a question. The absorbing text and illustrations take the children through the 480 million years of the pebble’s journey, from the spectacular furnace of volcanic eruptions to the cool seashore and the grassy field.

Escape from Pompeii

Author: Christina Balit

Travel back in time to the days of the Roman Empire and join Tranio, the son of an actor, and his friend Livia, the baker's daughter, in witnessing the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD79. Tranio, like most Roman boys, likes to watch whatever is going on: tradesmen selling their goods, ships unloading their exotic cargoes, politicians making speeches in the forum. But one hot August day a very different scene unfolds. The ground begins to shake, the sky to darken. People run gasping for air. Heading for the harbor, Tranio and his friend Livia hide on a boat and witness one of the most terrifying moments in recorded history-the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and the destruction of their beloved city, Pompeii. 


Topic 1 - Homes

In this topic, we explore how God is present in every home. This is expressed in the love that binds the family together within the home through good times and bad times.

Topic 2 - Promises

In this topic, we explore the meaning of the commitment and promises made at Baptism.


Ancient Egypt

We begin with the story of Howard Carter, and his discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb. We go on to learn how ancient Egyptians lived, from their beliefs through to their writing.



We begin by exploring the River Indus in the Himalayas, one of the longest rivers in the world. We go on to learn how this and other rivers shape the land they flow through.



What are the parts of a plant? What do plants need to grow? How does water move through a plant? Why do plants need more plants? And how do plants make more plants?


Outdoor and Adventurous Activities