Part of our mission statement is a Love of Learning. We believe that this is achieved through a vibrant, balanced, varied and engaging curriculum. 

We follow the National Curriculum for Key Stage 1 & 2.

For more in-depth information about the content of the curriculum followed in each year group, please visit our class pages and click on the curriculum tab.

At OLM, we follow the principle of 'Letters and Sounds: Principles and Practice of High Quality Phonics' published by the Department of Education.

The Collins Big Cat Reading scheme is used throughout the school to support our teaching of reading. A variety of other schemes support this including Oxford Reading Tree, Jelly and Bean and Oxford Project X.

 At OLM we believe that English is best taught through the use of high quality texts. Foundation Stage follow the principles of CLPE which particularly emphasises the importance of books and literature in enabling children to become confident, happy and enthusiastic readers and writers, The Wordsmith scheme is used from years 1 to 6 and also focusses upon learning though a variety of different texts. IN Year 3-6 we use Destination Reader to foster a love of reading and to teach key reading skills.

At OLM, we follow 'Maths No Problem' to deliver our maths curriculum.   At the heart of the approach is teaching maths for mastery. When taught to master maths, children develop their mathematical fluency without resorting to rote learning and are able to solve non-routine maths problems without having to memorise procedure. We hope that the videos below will be helpful to parents in understanding some of the key approaches.