Curriculum Information

Spring 2020

Important Updates:

PE Days:
Both classes will now have PE on Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Please send your children into school in their PE kits. 


Home Learning:

Home learning is set on Google Classroom every Wednesday, this needs to uploaded and returned for the following Monday. We will then mark and respond with comments via Google Classroom. Children will also practise their rapid recall target weekly and spellings. Homework activities will alternate between English and Maths. Please work with your child to complete the activities, but please don’t do it for them! In Year 2, we always remind the children to try their best even if they might make mistakes. 

When we set writing activities, it would be best to get your child to write down their answers on a piece of paper and take a photo of it. This way we can make their spellings, handwriting and punctuation too. 


Spellings: Spellings will be set and available to view every Friday on Google Classroom. The children will then be tested in class every Friday morning so that they have a week to practice. It will be a mix of high frequency words and words linked to a phonics sound. 


PE Days:

Both classes will now have PE on Wednesdays and Fridays. 


Please send your children into school wearing their PE kit. 



We follow the ‘Come and See’ scheme of work. Each topic usually lasts for four weeks. We begin each topic by exploring what each topic means to us before moving on to how it relates to religion. During the year we also learn about other faiths. At OLM we focus on Judaism and Islam. This is a brilliant way to teach respect for our community as a whole, regardless of cultures and beliefs.

The Topics we will be learning about in the Summer Term are as follows:


Spread The Word




Our first topic is 'Spread The Word'

During our first topic the children will be reflecting on the meaning of the Easter story and the importance of Pentecost. The children will learn about the gift of the Holy Spirit and how it strengthens Christians to share in the mission of the Church by spreading the Good News of the message of love.


Throughout the year, OLM focuses on different elements of Catholic Social Teaching (CST). Each month we look at a different value and discuss what each one means: 

September- We are Called to Live as Family and Community

October- Rights and Responsibilities

November- Promotion of Peace

December- No CST- focus on Advent

January- Solidarity

February- An Option for the Poor and Vulnerable

March- The Dignity of the Human Person

April- No CST- focus on Lent

May- The Dignity and Rights of Workers

June- We are Called to Stewardship

July- Recap

Please ask your child what we have discussed


 At OLM we use the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE) Power of Reading scheme to teach English.

This term we will continue our text called ‘The Jolly Postman’ where we will continue to learn about the features of letter writing and writing for different purposes.  We will also have a Jolly Postman workshop on the second week of term to enhance the children's learning experience. 

We will then move onto 'Ten Things I Can Do To Help The World'. This will consolidate all our knowledge of non-fiction style writing that we have been exposed to this year. It also will make great links to our wider curriculum learning. For example, in Science we will be learning about 'Materials'. This book will help the children learn which materials are recyclable and suitable to use to help save our planet. 



Our grammar focus will be sentence types (statement, command and question), using subordination e.g. when, if, but and using a variety of punctuation including commas, exclamation marks and question marks.


In Year 2, we will continue the teaching of phonics, with a focus on consonant graphemes.  We will also begin looking at the spellings of homophones, words that sound the same but have a different meaning and are spelt differently e.g. their and there, pair and pear


The children are read to daily by an adult and also have twice weekly sessions on a one to one basis. This is to ensure that children are exposed to a rich vocabulary and a chance to explore their understanding of a text. Please could parents support their child with reading by reading aloud to them but also ensuring children are reading to them independently for approximately 10 mins a day.  It is important that children now work on their comprehension skills (understanding) so please do spend time discussing what you are reading and questioning your child about a text.


At OLM we use the Maths No Problem scheme. This scheme focuses on mastery of different mathematical concepts.  This term we will be focusing on:

  • 3D Shapes
  • Mass
  • Word Problems
  • Fractions
  • Volume

Please ensure you continue to practice on your rapid recall targets as these are invaluable to your child’s mental arithmetic skills.

Times Tables

We will continue to practice the 2, 5 and 10 times tables until the children are completely confident in these.  If you feel they are ready to move on, then please start practising the 3 and 4 times tables too.  Please do practise these regularly. We have introduced the children to Times Table Rockstars and already sent home log ins. This is a fun way to motivate them to learn their tables. We will assign time during our Computing lessons to also support them. 


This term the children will be learning about Britain through the Stone Age. Through this topic we will explore how man lived during this time and what Britain would have looked like, E.g. Doggerland. The children will also learn about Stonehenge. This is a great link to Geography too. 


For the second part of the term Y2 will learn about The Great Fire of London. This again will enhance their Science learning too.  




We will continue to look at the importance of online safety while also looking at Data handling.  


Children will receive 2 PE lessons delivered by their class teacher and Tommy.  Tommy will focus on athletics, whilst the class teacher will introduce gymnastics where they will learn to use a range of apparatus and new skills such as balancing, rolling and travelling.



This half term we welcome back Music lessons! The children will be split into groups of 15 and will be preparing for our whole school Nativity and carol performances. 



Special Events:


How you can support your child’s learning:


Information for parents- National Curriculum Tests