At Our Lady of Muswell, children wear a school uniform. We want our children to wear their uniform with pride; it is another way to show that they are a key part of, and belong to, our OLM community.  

- Navy-blue tunic, skirt or trousers
- Sky-blue polo shirt with school logo
- Navy sweatshirt with school logo
- Plain-coloured socks ( white or navy) or tights (navy)
- Low/flat-heeled, black shoes
- In hot weather, a blue and white check summer dress and navy cardigan may be worn
- Navy zip-up fleece with school logo

- Grey flannel trousers (long or short)
- Sky-blue polo shirt with logo
- Navy-blue sweatshirt with school logo
- Plain-coloured socks preferably navy or grey
- Black shoes
- Navy zip-up fleece with school logo

PE Kit
- White T-shirt
- Navy-blue shorts
- Black plimsolls
Navy jogging pants may be worn in cold weather for outdoor PE. Pupils in Years 5 and 6 may wear plain white trainers.

Children should have their PE shoes in school every day.


 - Green polo shirt with logo (optional)

Kenzie Schoolwear Wood Green (020 8889 6025) and www.myclothing.com supply our embroidered school and nursery uniform.  Any of the other items on this list can be obtained from most chain stores.

It is important that parents choose items of clothing that the child can take off and put on unaided.  Please clearly label all clothing with your child’s name.

Trainers or boots should not be worn in place of school shoes unless there is a medical condition or a note to explain why.

Jewellery, make up and hair

Jewellery is not permitted with the exception of watches and stud earrings (one earring per ear). Children coming to school wearing any other jewellery will be asked to remove it. Make up and nail varnish are not permitted. Hair should not be extreme in length and style, no shorter than a number 2 and not coloured or shaved into a pattern. All long hair should be tied up.  Fringes should not cover children's eyes or be held in place with a hair grip/hair band.