Design and Technology at OLM


In Early Years, the design technology curriculum is taught through the main area of ‘Expressive Arts and Design’. Children have lots of opportunities in their self-initiated play to construct using building blocks, construction kits and craft materials to design and build models such as houses, vehicles and cities. Children may also use paint, play, paper, glue, Sellotape and other materials to produce their own unique pieces.  For example, gluing straw together to make a house for the three little pigs. Children are also supported to talk about their creations and the choices they made.

Design & Technology is taught alternately in half term blocks in years 1 to 6. Within each key area in the Kapow Design & Technology scheme of work, the development of the core skills (design, make, evaluate) and technical knowledge is detailed, to ensure that progression is logical, achievable and measurable.


We ensure that the development of the core skills (design, make, evaluate) are integral to the Design and Technology Curriculum. The design and technology skills progress from through key stages one and two, covering areas including Structures, Mechanisms, Electrical Systems, Cooking, Textiles, and the Digital World. It outlines the development of core skills and technical knowledge for clear, measurable progression.