This half term Year 2 have started reading 'The Magic Finger' by Roald Dahl. We have been researching, learning and debating 'for' and 'against' reasons to hunt animals. 
We also received responses from our pen pals. This was part of our letter writing topic last term. We were so excited receive personal letters. Much to our delight it turns out that we have a lot in common with our pen pals from St. Peter in Chains school! All our letter writing practice paid off. 

Wider Curriculum


Year 2 have loved learning about The Stone Age. During our topic we learnt about how differently Stone Age people lived compared to us. We made our own Stone Age homes using rocks, plants or clay. We looked closely at the way they would have created shelter with the materials available to them. Some children even attempted to make their own tools, just like they would have in the Stone Age!

We turned our classroom into a cave and had a go at creating 'cave drawings'. We had low lighting and had to lean up against walls. We used charcoal, red paint and sticks to help us create our art work. We drew mammoths, deer or hand prints, just like the cave drawings that have been discovered. Year 2 have been amazing at learning lots of facts about this era! 


Year 2 ventured to the woods in the Methodist Gardens and went on a materials hunt! We were surprised how many different materials we could spot. When we returned to class we discussed the properties of the materials that we did find on our hunt and why there may have been some materials that we didn't find. 

Reading & Rock stars!


Year 2 have been making the most of the glorious weather and take time out of everyday to read outside. We have been enjoying the 'Dirty Bertie' books this week!

We also have been getting our weekly time tables practice in by playing Time Table Rock stars...we are getting rather good!

 Year 2 Team:

Mrs Convey - Teacher

Ms Daheley- Teacher

Mrs Monaghan- Teaching Assistant

Ms Johnston - Learning Support Assistant

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