Curriculum Information

Term: Autumn 2021


Home Learning:
There will be 2 pieces of homework set a week.
On Monday we will set a Maths homework due in on Wednesday.
On Thursday we will set an English homework due in for Monday.

Please check Google Classroom for homework instructions.


There will be spelling tests on Fridays, we will upload the words for the whole half term on Google Classroom. 

Rapid Recall will happen on Wednesday mornings, a reminder that this is home learning.

Times table tests will also happen on Fridays. 


PE Days: *Change of PE day*

Monday and Friday.
Monday sessions the children will have a Gaelic Football coach come in especially for them. 

Please note these days are subject to change but we will always update you. 

Children must wear their full PE kit and trainers on PE days. 



We follow the ‘Come and See’ scheme of work. Each topic usually lasts for four weeks. We begin by exploring what each topic means to us before moving on to how it relates to religion and the gospels. During the year we also learn about other faiths. At OLM we focus on Judaism and Islam. This is a brilliant way to teach respect for our community as a whole, regardless of cultures and beliefs.

Topic 1 - People

Topic 2 - Called

Topic 3 - Gift

Topic 4 - Community



This half term we will be reading Tales of Wisdom and Wonder' by Hugh Lupton. The book is a collection of traditional stories from one of Britain’s foremost oral storytellers written in a style which makes them a joy to read aloud. The seven stories are from different parts of the world and include The Pedlar of Swaffham from Hugh Lupton’s native East Anglia and tales from Haiti, France, West Africa, Russia, Ireland and the Cree people of North America. The notes on sources indicate that there are variants of the stories in many cultures. We will be exploring these stories and unpicking the meaning of them.


Towards the later part of this half term we will be focussing on poetry, our text will be 'Hot Like Fire' by Valerie Bloom. Valerie Bloom’s sizzling poems, some in Jamaican Creole, some in standard English, bring light and life to diverse aspects of everyday life. We will use this anthology to engage the children in enjoying poems from a cultural perspective and enjoy the sounds of language through a range of dialects. During this topic we will be using her poems as models to help develop their own poetry writing. 



 This term as well as working on our fluency and times -tables skills, we will be focusing on the following chapters from Maths No Problem:

Chapter 1 - Numbers to 10,000

Chapter 2 - Adding and subtracting up to 10,000

Chapter 3 - Multiplication and division

Chapter 4 - Further multiplication and division

We will also continue to work on securing our times-tables knowledge

Wider Curriculum:


 This is a great term for science the children will learning all about States of Matter!

  • To group or sort materials into solids, liquids and gases
  • To observe that some materials change state when heated or cooled
  • To understand and use the terms evaporation and condensation
  • To describe solids, liquids and gases 



During this half term, Year 4 will be learning all about 'The Rhine and the Mediterranean'. Children will develop their knowledge and vocabulary about rivers, while focusing in on the river Rhine, the Mediterranean sea and the Suez Canal.  Geography:


This half term, Year 4 will be starting to learn about 'The Roman Republic'. They will learn about how Rome was established and the way of life during the early stages of Rome. 


This term will be learning about Programming, we will start to design programs for a specific goal, i.e. planning before writing. We will use selection (if...then), repetition (repeat...until) and commands, e.g. in a quiz. 



The children will have 1 lesson with Tommy and 1 with their class teacher.