Attendance Guidance


OLM follows Haringey guidelines regarding authorised and unauthorised absences. We request that all absences are reported (each day) via the app or to  by 9.30am. If  a child is not reported absent by half nine, the office will contact the family. 

Medical appointments will only be authorised with supporting evidence. 

Illness is authorised at the Headteacher's discretion.

All other term time absences must be requested using the form below and emailing These will only be authorised under exceptional circumstances.

The school monitors attendance every half term. The school will write to parents/carers advising them of attendance below the National Expectation of 96% and will monitor to see an improvement. If there is no improvement, the school will invite parents/carers there to a meeting with the Headteacher to discuss the reasons why the child’s attendance continues to be below the expected minimum and how we may support you with this. Attendance below 90% is considered as Persistent Absenteeism, these cases may be referred to the local authority when no improvement is seen and/or parents/carers have not engaged with the school.


Please see the documents below for further information, 


School opens at 8.40am and children should be sat in their classrooms ready to start learning at 8.50am.  Once the school gate and hall doors are locked at 8.50am, children must come via the main entrance to be signed in as late by staff. 

Pupils arriving after 9.30 am will be marked as absent for that session.
If a child is regularly late, we will follow the same procedure used for attendance before making a referral to the local authority.