Values and Aims


We are so proud of all our achievements whether that be our Outstanding Grading by Oftsed or the excellent results of our children. But we are far more than this. we truly are a community with a strong moral purpose. As one parent has said :-

"OLM is a supportive school which welcomes children regardless of their faith, abilities and origins. This is what an outstanding school should be." 


Our Lady of Muswell Primary School  is a vibrant, inclusive school with a strong ethos based upon Christian values. At OLM governors, staff, children and parents work together to fulfil our mission statement:

 One Community  Love of Learning  Making Time for God

One Community – OLM is an inclusive school with a rich diversity of cultures that is cherished and celebrated. Working together and caring for each other is a strong part of OLM. In doing this as a whole school community, pupils, staff and families, we can all achieve great things.

Love of Learning - Learning that engages and inspires children produces results. We strongly believe that the best way for our children to achieve their full potential is to enjoy their learning.

Making Time for God - All children, regardless of their faith, learn to understand Catholic values. Our aim is for all children to grow and develop to become responsible and valued individuals with strong values and a sense of duty to the communities they are part of. 


At OLM we work together as one community, we inspire and foster a love of learning and ensure that we follow our values in all we do; this allows our children to flourish academically, spiritually and morally.

Our mission statement stands side by side with our vision for OLM:-

Our Vision  is to build a community where all truly excel. 

To achieve this we believe that all  must strive to have a passion to learn, positive attitudes, high expectations and strong values and strive to be be resilient, reflective and nurturing.