Y4R:  Miss Ryan -  Class Teacher  -   Ms Matassini - Teaching Assistant

Y4M: Miss McCracken -  Class Teacher  -   Ms Barry - Learning Support Assistant 


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Check out these lovely class photos of Y4M and Y4R in their Christmas Jumpers!

Did you know that humans have five different types of teeth?!

W e used marshmallows to make models of a human mouth. We had to shape the marshmallows carefully to create each type of tooth before placing it into our model mouth. It was so much fun! 

We are so proud of Y4R and how they adapted to remote learning! Here is them showing off their ODD SOCKS for Odd Socks Day.

In Maths, we have been creating ‘Steps to success’ for solving word multi-step word problems. Click on each photo to read their amazing work.

Both classes had a Q&A session with Lola and Mrs Ronan. Some children, who have felt a little afraid of dogs in the past, were very brave and gave Lola a stroke. The children were very happy to have spent some time getting to know Lola!

We have been classifying animals in different ways in science this afternoon. We had to explain why we put each animal in each category.


Year 4 M loved delivering the first liturgy of the year with Fr.Mark via Zoom. They read beautifully and shared important messages and prayers for this harvest time.