Please click on the link to read our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Sept 2020.

Keeping Children Safe in Education 2019 Please click to read DfE Guidance Keeping Children Safe in Education 2019.


Safeguarding Statement

At Our Lady of Muswell, we are clear that safeguarding is everybody’s business and we have a strong commitment to safeguarding all our children ensuring their health, safety and well-being in all areas of our practice.


OLM has clear procedures and key personnel in place to ensure safeguarding in all aspects of school life

All of our staff will work to ensure that:

  • Our children feel listened to, valued and respected
  • Our staff are aware of indicators of abuse and know how to share their concerns appropriately
  • All our paid and unpaid staff, including governors and volunteers, are subject to rigorous recruitment procedures
  • All our paid and unpaid staff, including volunteers and governors, are given appropriate support and training

Teachers and all support staff in our school play a crucial role in helping to identify where there are welfare concerns, and indicators of possible abuse or neglect, at an early stage. Our Lady of Muswell is committed to referring those concerns via the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)  to the appropriate organisation, and, where appropriate, to ongoing action to meet those needs. It is vital that parents and carers understand the responsibility placed on the school and staff for child protection. Section 4.6 of our policy indicates the procedure all staff are obliged to follow if concerned about a child. 

In order to ensure that our children are adequately protected, we will ensure that:

  • We have a Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and two deputy safeguarding leads who will attend multi-agency training to ensure that they are fully up-to-date with all new developments and practices in safeguarding and to meet any new legislative requirements as it emerges. At OLM our DSL is deputyheadteacher and inclusion lead, Mrs Jane Ronan. The DSL deputies are the headteacher Mrs Angela McNicholas and the deputy headteacher Mrs Audrey Galvin and Ms Lorraine Haugh, the Early Years and Foundation Stage Lead.
  • A Designated Safeguarding Governor (DSG) is appointed at the beginning of each academic year. The DSG is our chair of governors Marco Franchi. The DSG meets at least termly, with the DSL, to review safeguarding and Safeguarding is a standing item on the FGB agenda.
  • All staff are trained in Child Protection awareness at least annually.
  • All staff have signed a record to show that they have read and have understood the DFE Guidance, Keeping Children Safe in Education 2019, the OLM Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and are aware of the indicators of child abuse and how to respond to concerns or disclosures of abuse by children
  • All children and their families and/or carers have access to this Safeguarding Policy via our website. Paper copies will be made available on request.
  • The safeguarding policy is reviewed on an annual basis by the DSL and the Governors

Key Areas of safeguarding responsibilities:

Safeguarding encompasses the following:

  • Staff recruitment, vetting, appointment and training
  • All aspects of child protection
  • Site security and safety, including fire procedures
  • Risk assessment of all activities, day trips and residential stays
  • E-safety teaching, learning and procedures
  • Medical and first aid procedures
  • Behaviour, bullying and restraint
  • Equalities and discrimination including preventing radicalisation and extremism

Separate policies and procedures are in place to fulfil our responsibility to these duties e.g. e-safety, anti-bullying, whistle-blowing


Equalities and Discrimination, Radicalisation and Extremism
All staff need to have a clear commitment to equalities and adhere to our Equalities policy. Children are explicitly taught that any form of discrimination on grounds of race, religion, sexuality, disability is wrong and there is a zero-tolerance approach. A log of discriminatory incidents is maintained by the HT and DHT. All children and staff should be treated with care and respect. The school is vigilant in ensuring children and staff are protected from any form of extremism or indoctrination. In line with the Prevent duty staff are trained and kept informed to recognise vulnerability and mitigate the risks. The school’s Catholic Social Teaching Education reinforces our commitment to equalities and includes the values of tolerance, respect, equality and kindness. Our RE curriculum dedicates a minimum of two weeks of each school year dedicated to the studying of other faiths; this promotes reflective thinking and questioning, freedom and openness as well as respect and tolerance for all faiths, within our multicultural community