Welcome to Year 5



We have been enjoying our half termly visits to Coldfall Woods. We compared David Hockney's paintings of Yorkshire woods and California and we were so lucky to be the first class to take our school dog, Lola, on her first school trip.


We are loving our computer topic this half term. We are learning how to use audacity as a sound editor


We have been busy learning how to use protractors and measure angles accurately


We have been enjoying our English text: Beowulf. We have looked at alternative hero myths, invented our own monsters and heroes and created our own myths. We even listened to a bit of Beowulf in its original old English and to Nobel Prize winner, Seamus  Heaney, reading his translation. Make sure you come back to see some of our amazing work!

Year 5 staff

Teachers: Ms Marshall, Mrs McCarthy, Ms Bourne

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Kearney

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Chysanthou

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