A recipe for success!

At our first assembly of the year, children from year 1 to year 6 created a recipe for success. We thought about what we needed to have in our school cake to ensure success and happiness throughout the year. The children's wonderful imaginations shone through and they came up with a real recipe for success!

Happy holidays!

We would like to thank all our families and the OLM community for your support this year. We have had another fantastic year at OLM and look forward to new adventures in September. Here's our OLM flash mob dance video...a little reminder of the fun we had earlier this year!

Class attendance winners!

Well done Y1M and Y5Y for having the best attendance all year! Today they received their prizes from Aquinas Education. Thank you Aquinas Education for helping get our children to school every day!


Attendance winners!

Congratulations to Jayden, Aurelia and Carolina who were winners in our 100% attendance draw! Well done on getting to school every day this year. The received some vouchers from Sam and Aquinas Education as a reward! Thank you Aquinas Education for helping get our children to school. 

Sports Day winners!

Congratulations to the GREEN team who were the overall winners at Sports Day this year. Well done!

Blue team are the winners!

Congratulations to the blue team who are the winners of the house points competition this year. They enjoyed an afternoon of ice-cream, playground games and had the privilege of wearing their own clothes on Wednesday. Well done Blue team!

Sports Day
Today we celebrated Sports Day! The children and adults had a fantastic morning in the sunshine talking part in lots of different events. The winner  of Sports Day will be announced at a very special assembly on Monday!

OLM Music concert.

watch the highlights of our music concert held on July 9th here! We are so proud of the incredible talent across our school. 





Our Lady of Muswell School Blog

Meet and greet

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Our Year 1 children were thrilled to receive visits from their Tutormate reading tutors this week. Thank you so much to the volunteers from Box and Google who were able to join us.

Team captains 'Ray of Sunshine'

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The year 6 team captains were lucky enough to go to the 'Ray of Sunshine Charity' head quarters and discuss ways in which they can fundrise in school. The children had a great time and a really valuable experience.

Reception Phonics Morning

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The Reception staff held a phonics workshop for parents to attend and support their child during a phonics lesson. We recapped over the sounds previously learned and then introduced the new sound of the day ‘ai’. Using whiteboards and pens we practised applying the sound to words such as: rain, snail, tail. We hoped the parents got an insight into how we teach phonics in school.

Greek day

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On Tuesday year 3 had an Ancient Greek day with expert Dan! They acted out many myths and legends, learnt about the gods and goddesses, we completed a quiz and we took part in an Ancient Greek Olympics!

'It was a really fun day' Y3

Don't they look great in their costumes. 

Judaism week

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This week has been Judaism week, all the children have been learning about the Jewish faith.
Year 6 and Year 2 were lucky enough to go to the Synagogue on Thursday morning where they  heard the story of The Passover and the story of Hanukkah.
 The children were able to try on a prayer shawl and look at real Torah. Year 6 were particularly awe inspired  by the art work of Abram Games, depicting the struggles Jewish people had in WW2.

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