School Lunches



2016/17 School Meal Prices
School meals are £2.35per day (£11.75 per week)  

How to order school dinners
Please notify the school office, giving one week’s notice, that your child wishes to have school dinners. Meals must be paid for in advance using PMX. We prefer half-termly payments. If your child is away from school, that meal will be credited to your account.

If your child wishes to change from school dinners to packed lunches, you must notify the school office, giving one week’s notice. If you do not notify the school office, in writing, in advance, you will be charged for the meals ordered. The completed form can be placed in the red box or emailed in to the school office.

 School Dinner Form



Free School Meals

Free school meals are offered by Haringey. Many families do not realise they are eligible for Free School Meals. Click the link below to check the criteria; it is wider than you may think. 

There is a range of options each day on hot menu, including a vegetarian dish. If you have a hot meal in the evening or if your child would prefer, they can choose from our sandwich & wrap range. 

Your child will receive a healthy meal each day in school and the school receives an extra £600 for every child registered for free school meals. This enables us to maximise our funding and will help enhance your child's learning experience. There is no way for others to know the meal is paid for in this way and all children can choose to sit with their friends. Approval is for one year so if you registered last year please make sure you reapply for this year. 

Free School Meals Guidance Notes

Free School Meals Application

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