Curriculum Information

 TERM: Autumn

Home Learning:

Literacy home learning is sent out on Monday and is due back on the Thursday.Spellings will be sent home at the beginning of each half term and tested weekly.

Maths home learning is sent out on Thursday and is due back on the following Monday.Every other week children will complete a task on ‘my maths’. They should practise their rapid recall targets on a daily basis. 

Tasks are designed to support the learning taking place in class. Please work with your child to complete the activities, but please don’t do it for them! We encourage the children to try their best, even if they might make mistakes.


PE Days: 

Y4R -  Tuesday and Friday

Y4K - Tuesday and Friday 

Children must have a full PE kit in school everyday. Please make sure all items are labelled.  If your child does not have a PE kit in school they will be given one to wear for the lesson and a letter will be sent home to let you know.



We follow the ‘Come and See’ scheme of work. Each topic lasts for four weeks. We begin by exploring what each topic means to us before moving on to how it relates to religion and the gospels. During the year we also learn about other faiths. At OLM we focus on Judaism and Islam. This is a brilliant way to teach respect for our community as a whole, regardless of cultures and beliefs. 



This unit will focus on children learning about being “called” and what it means to be called in the Bible. How does the Bible use the term “call” or “calling?” What does it mean to be “called into ministry” or “called of God?” In a sense, as Christians we are all called to Christ, to follow and obey Him.



Advent is a time when we appreciate the love in our lives and

prepare to celebrate love becoming a reality in the person of Jesus. Christians at Christmas celebrate the gift of Jesus, given by God as a sign and expression of God’s love. Giving and receiving reflects the truth that all life is given by God and life is given meaning through the gift of Jesus.


 Throughout the year, OLM focuses on different elements of Catholic Social Teaching (CST). Each month we look at a different value and discuss what each one means:

September- We are Called to Live as Family and Community

October- Rights and Responsibilities

November- Promotion of Peace

December- No CST- focus on Advent

January- Solidarity

February- An Option for the Poor and Vulnerable

March- The Dignity of the Human Person

April- No CST- focus on Lent

May- The Dignity and Rights of Workers

June- We are Called to Stewardship

July- Recap



At OLM we use the Wordsmith teaching scheme, which focuses on a variety of different texts. During Autumn term we will focus on:

Newspaper articles, Varjak Paw & Explanation Texts


Grammar includes:

Adjectives, adverbs, verbs, nouns (common and proper), conjunctions (causal & time) possessive and contracted apostrophes, complex sentences (main and subordinate clauses).


 The units will enable the children to explore a variety of text types for example, diary entries, setting descriptions and biographies. Within the units, we will also be following year 4-curriculum grammar, including adjectives, adverbs, verbs, nouns (common and proper), conjunctions (casual and time) possessive and contracted apostrophes, complex sentences (main and subordinate clauses). 



We encourage children to read for pleasure at home and school. Please encourage your child to read for at least 15 minutes a day and spend time discussing the books they are reading and the authors. We will begin a brand new teaching pedagogy called 'Destination Reader' Destination Reader:

  • Provides a systematic approach to the teaching of reading across KS2
  • Enables children to develop key strategies which deepen their understanding of texts
  • Develops children’s motivation to read broadly for pleasure and purpose
  • Increases children’s ability to lead their learning through the acquisition of key learning behaviours
  • Places children at the centre of a formative approach to assessment in reading
  • Provides a replacement to Guided Reading



At OLM we use the Maths No Problem teaching scheme. This scheme focuses on mastery of different mathematical concepts.

This term we will be focusing on:

Multiplication & Division:

Multiplying by 6, 7, 9, 11, 12

Dividing by 6, 7, 9, 11, 12

Solving word problems

Multiplying multiples of 100

Multiplying 2 and 3 digit numbers

Dividing 2-3


Drawing and reading picture graphs, line graphs & bar graphs


Pupils should know times tables 1-12 by the end of Year 4


Wider Curriculum:

This term we will be exploring...


Animals including Humans- we will be exploring The Human Body, Digestive System and Teeth and Healthy Eating


The Romans



We will be building Roman Colosseums using clay.



Coding & Esafety



This half term Year 4 will have one lesson taught by our PE coaches, Tommy and Sean.

In their other PE lesson they will be focusing on Gymnastics. 



In Year 4 we have weekly french lessons with Ms Louzanne.



Y4K will be learning how to play to the guitar (Thursday afternoons) and Y4R will be learning to play trumpets and clarinets (Friday afternoons).


Special Events:

Please check back website when a school trip date has been confirmed



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