Curriculum Information

 Term: Spring 


Home Learning:

Children have a home learning book for literacy and maths. The maths book will have children’s weekly rapid recall targets stuck in them and it can be used to practice their maths target.  

The mental maths is tested on Monday (Y3M) and on Thursday in Y3Y.

The weekly Literacy tasks are designed to support the learning taking place in class. Please work with your child to complete the activities and speak to the Y3 team if you have any questions.

Tasks from the KS2 Spelling Book are set every other Monday, where your child will practise prefixes, suffixes and spelling rules.




Homework (home learning) Reminder:

Please can your child hand their homework in on time otherwise it will not get marked.

Literacy homework

Children get this on a Monday due in on a Thursday.

My Maths task (online activity)

Children get this on alternate Wednesdays. 


Children have a new set each Monday and are tested every Friday.


Changing reading books

Reading books get changed weekly. On the top of the reading diary we have written the day that we will change your child’s book each week. Please ensure they bring their book and reading diary into school on this day. It will be useful if the children write their own comments in the diary for each new book they get. 



Y3Y-  Monday and Friday

Y3M- Tuesday and Thursday

Could you please make sure that your child has a full P.E kit in school every day. This is to include track suit bottoms. Please put all of the PE kit in a drawstring bag with your child’s name on. Can you also ensure that it is fully labelled, as should all uniform that your child wears including their coats.


What will we be learning this term?



This term we are learning about the features and conventions of Mythological and Legend writing. The children so far have been thrilled by Ancient Greek myths and tales of dragons, dragonslayers and terrifying beasts! Through stories, films and acting the children are developing a sense of storytelling and gaining a feel for using evocative and descriptive language. 

The Collins Big Cat Reading Scheme is used throughout the school to support our teaching of reading. A variety of other schemes support this including Oxford Reading Tree, Jelly and Bean and Oxford Project X.



We are continuing to work with the Maths No Problem Singapore Maths scheme. This term we are looking at volume (millilitres and litres) and will soon be moving on to problems involving counting and sharing increasingly complex amounts of money. Please encourage your child to read prices of things when out and about and discuss ways of adding items together or calculating change.

Please continue to practise all times tables with your child at home to build up their confidence and speed. A good way of learning these are through songs which are readily available online.


Wider Curriculum 

In Science we are learning about light and colour. We are considering where light comes from (sources) and how we might see the world differently to other animals. We are very lucky to have a professor in the United States helping us (Professor Thomas Cronin from the University Of Maryland- a leading researcher into how animals see) who is sending us some amazing information and answering our questions.



Key vocabulary:

Here are some key words for the topic that you can go through at home with your child. The focus should be on the meaning rather than spelling.

word list: source, spectrum, ray, shadow, eye, reflection. transparent, opaque, translucent, luminous.


In Topic we are going back in time to find out about the Ancient Greeks. We will learn about Greek Gods, myths, Greek thinkers, warriors and mathematicians. We will had an exciting Ancient Greek workshop just before half term! 

In D.T. we will be discovering how the Ancient Greeks created and decorated their pottery.



This half term we will be looking at keeping safe online and ways of using different software  to manipulate and compile data and make music..


We are beginning the period of Lent and the run up to Easter. Our focus this term is on giving all. What it means and what we can appreciate  from the sacrifice of others.


Our Catholic Social Teaching will include:


March: The dignity of the human person.



During this term the children will be learning and creating a range of dance moves based on a journey through the human body!

The children will also be taught by Coach Tommy and Coach Sean who will be teaching the children all about handball/netball this term. 
















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