Curriculum Information

 Term: Autumn Term 2018


Home Learning:

Children have a rapid recall book for maths, which will be sent home weekly. The maths book will have children’s rapid recall targets stuck in them and it can be used to practise their maths target.  

The mental maths is tested on Wednesday's, please ensure your child practises their target regularly as they will only be given 2 minutes to complete the test.

Children will bring home a reading comprehension task to complete fortnightly. Please support your child with these, encouraging them to underline key words and read the questions carefully.

Tasks from the KS2 Spelling Book are set every other Monday, where your child will practise prefixes, suffixes and spelling rules.

Please encourage your child to learn their times tables and division facts. There is a fun App called 'Hit The Button' which is available to download and use on Ipads or Smart Phones. Alternatively this could be accessed on a PC and played online for free, using the Topmarks website. Please see link below. 



Homework Reminder:


English homework

Children get this on a Monday due in on a Friday.

My Maths task (online activity)

Children get this on alternate Wednesdays. 


Children have a new set each Monday and are tested every Friday. The spelling sheet is handed out half-termly.


Changing reading books

Reading books get changed weekly. On the top of the reading diary we have written the day that we will change your child’s book each week. Please ensure they bring their book and reading diary into school on this day. It will be useful if the children write their own comments in the diary for each new book they get. 



Y3Y-  Monday and Thursday

Y3M- Monday and Thursday

Could you please make sure that your child has a full P.E kit in school every day. Please put all of the PE kit in a drawstring bag with your child’s name on. Can you also ensure that it is fully labelled, as should all uniform that your child wears including their coats.


What will we be learning this term?



This term we are studying non-fiction texts, looking at autobiographies and writing our own. We will then look at a fiction text called 'The Storm' which is about a spooky horseman and a dark and stormy night. We will plan and write our mystery stories.

We will also be spending some more time listening and responding to a range of poems. We will be examining poems that play with language. The children will be creating class and individual poems and honing their editing and evaluation skills.

Grammar skills and spelling knowledge will remain a key part of our learning this term.

We are encouraging a love of reading by introducing a new topic called Destination Reader. The children will learn valuable skills for understanding texts and strategies for working well with a reading partner.   

The Collins Big Cat Reading Scheme is used throughout the school to support our teaching of reading. A variety of other schemes support this including Oxford Reading Tree, Jelly and Bean and Oxford Project X.


We are working through the Maths No Problem Singapore Maths scheme. This term we are investigating numbers to 1000, focusing on place value and counting and ordering numbers. We will be moving on to simple addition and subtraction of 3 digit and 2 digit numbers.

Please check the MyMaths website regularly to log in and practise times tables and a range of HW set on the topics covered in class. 


Wider Curriculum 

In Science we are learning about animals including humans this term. We will be examining what we eat, comparing diets and considering what makes up a healthy diet. 

Key vocabulary: Carbohydrates, protein, dairy, nutrients, energy, vitamins, minerals.

Here are some key words for the topics that you can go through at home with your child. The focus should be on the meaning rather than spelling.

After Half term we will be investigating our skeletons and muscles and comparing those of other animals.

Key vocabulary:skeleton, exoskeleton, endoskeleton, hydrostatic skeleton, expand, contract.



This term we are travelling back in time to the Ancient Greeks. We will study their myths and legends and powerful gods. We we look at some of the key figures from Greek history and appreciate the legacy of their culture which is still part of our life today.



This half term we will be looking at keeping safe online.We will be focusing on using Microsoft PowerPoint to create our own presentations of our Autobiographies. We will then investigate algorithms using the Espresso Coding software.


 Our first topic is called Homes. In this topic we explore how God is present in every home.  This is expressed in the love that binds the family together within the home, through good times and bad times. 

Topic two is called Promises. We will learn about the promises made at Baptism and Confirmation as a call to a new way of life. At these times, people are welcomed and initiated in to the Christian church and supported in responding to God's call. 

Our third topic is called Visitors. This topic emphasises the coming of God in the person of Jesus 2000 years ago at Bethlehem. We will be learning about the preparations for Advent and the Nativity story.

Throughout the year, OLM focuses on different elements of Catholic Social Teaching (CST). Each month we look at a different value and discuss what each one means:

September- We are Called to Live as Family and Community 

October- Rights and Responsibilities

November- Promotion of Peace

December- No CST- focus on Advent

January- Solidarity

February- An Option for the Poor and Vulnerable

March- The Dignity of the Human Person

April- No CST- focus on Lent

May- The Dignity and Rights of Workers

June- We are Called to Stewardship

July- Recap

Please ask your child what we have discussed.



 In P.E. lessons this term we will be practising Gymnastics. We will be developing the performance of exercises requiring physical strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, balance and control. Children will plan and develop a gymnastics routine to perform to their Nursery buddies at the end of term!

The children will also be taught by Coach Tommy and Coach Sean who will be teaching the children all about invasion games such as netball and basketball.





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