Year 1 had a brilliant day at the Museum, looking at the different types of transport through the ages. 


Year 1 have been looking at leaves and comparing evergreen leaves with deciduous leaves.  

We have been investigating our senses in Year 1 through a range of different games and activities. We even went on a senses walk around the playground. Make sure you ask me what I know about my five senses! 

We are becoming expert nurses! Edith Cavell was a special nurse because she did not let war stop her from believing in what was right. She helped both English and German soldiers during World War 1, even hiding them to get them to safety. We have been acting out events from her life to help us understand the choices she made. 


Year 1 Team:

Miss Matthews - Teacher

Miss Daly - Teacher

Mrs Murray - Teaching Assistant

Ms Yurky - Teaching Assistant

Tracey Benmore - Additional support