Curriculum Information



We will look a number of different texts and genres of writing this term, beginning with a non-fiction e-book about volcanoes and their sometimes devastating eruptions. We will also look at a visual text, ‘The Piano’ based on a WWII veteran and the poetry of John Agard. We will also learn about techniques used by authors when writing short stories.  



In maths lessons we will be studying different units of measurement and conversion, percentages, ratio, geometry, position and movement and word problems linking to all of these topics. You can help your child by regularly practising times tables facts, doing additional tasks on My Maths and encouraging your child to use Manga High to gain points and medals. We are continuing to use rapid number recall to help the children recall number facts quickly, we are testing these skills weekly and the children are enjoying the challenge of these.


Home Learning


English home learning is given out on Mondays and is due back on Thursdays of the same week. This term we have introduced a poetry anthology for Year 6. As part of their English home learning children will be expected to choose a poem from the anthology and learn it by heart. We will let you know when the home learning is a ‘poetry week’. Maths home learning on My Maths is  given out on alternate Wednesdays and is due back the following Wednesday. Children should also be working on their mental maths target.



Y6MR and Y6ML have PE on Wednesdays taught by PE specialists. Please make sure that your child's kit is correctly labelled and is in line with the school uniform policy.



At OLM we follow the 'Come and See' scheme of work. Our topic this term is 'Sources' which looks closely at the different genres of writing that are included in the Bible. We will also be looking at topics covering Unity, examining the links between the act of communion and its links to the wider Catholic family. Death and New Life links to Easter and the death and resurrection of Jesus. The Catholic Social Teaching (CST) theme we will be studying is Solidarity.



We are studying Marvellous Maps, looking at different kinds of maps and their features. The children will become familiar with longitude and latitude and will be able to compare topographical maps and scale maps.



 Our science topic this term will be ‘Light’. We will be investigating whether light travels in straight lines; how light refracts and reflects as it passes through different materials. We will also be learning about the eye and the role that different parts of the eye take in sight. Our other topic is classification . The children will learn how to create branching trees to categorise different animals by using yes, no questions.



 This term the children will be continuing to look at cyber bulling during their E-safety lessons; discussing how to stay safe and report incidents of bulling online. We will be using some of our ICT sessions to access, a website which helps the children in their preparation for SATs.


Art and Design and Technology 


Our topic is ‘Mouldable Materials’. The children will be working using a variety of mouldable media. The topic is linked to our learning in geography and the children will be making a 3 d map.



Each class has a weekly music lesson with Ms Stead. 



The children have a weekly French lesson with Mme Lauzanne. They have been working on expanding their vocabulary.



Special Events

Tuesday 10 January, 7 pm: An information meeting for parents about Hilltop.


 Monday 27th February – 2nd March: Hilltop residential week

How You Can Help Your children

In maths you can help your child by regularly practising times tables facts, doing additional tasks on My Maths and encouraging your child to use Manga High to gain points and medals.


Please continue to encourage your child to read a variety of authors and genres of writing - reading underpins all areas of the curriculum. If you need advice about books and authors please contact one of the Y6 team. 


The BBC Bitesize website is worth having a look at for interactive games to support your child's learning: