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Summer Term Curriculum Information

Summer term curriculum information is now available on the Year 4 curriculum information tab. Please take a look to find out what we will be learning about this term and how you can support your child at home.    


Year 4 have had a very busy week!

Y4M had their guitar concert, followed by Y4K's trumpet and clarinet concert. The children have really enjoyed learning to play these instruments.

Year 4 were also very lucky to get a visit from author Jo Franklin. They had fun learning about her books and creating a brainiac sandwich. 

Year 4 visit Paradise Wildlife Park 

On 27th June we visited Paradise Wildlife Park. We have been learning all about rainforests and habitats so this was the perfect way to find out more and discover the animals of the rainforest! Despite the torrential rain and thunder storms we had ALOT of fun!

General Election 2017

We spoke about the process of voting and what do to when you get to the polling station.

We then took a trip to our mock polling station and cast our vote.

We cannot wait to find out the results!!

In Year 4, we spent time discussing the manifestos of each political party. We then had a go at writing our own manifestos on key issues such as education, housing and healthcare.

Click on the images below to have a look at our manifestos!


To celebrate book week Y4M met up with their buddies in Y2C to share stories. It was a lovely afternoon listening to the children read to each other. 


For International Week each class was given a country to focus on, Year 4's was France. Both year 4's classes had a geography lesson with Miss Katsikides learning all about France, their culture, food and tourist attractions. We also had art lessons with Miss McCracken were we recreated work by French artist Henri Matisse. We focused on art from his 'decoupage' period which he created in his later life as he was bed bound by illness.


Year 4 enjoyed a trip to Alexandra Palace today. We were exploring the history of Alexandra Palace as the birthplace of the BBC, learning how the first TV broadcasts were made and the difficulty of using cameras as they filmed upside down! We also had a workshop on one of the first children's shows 'Muffin the Mule', where we met the main characters and had a chance to storyboard our own episodes.

"When the wolves come out of the walls, it's all over!"

In our English lessons we have been reading 'Wolves in the Walls' by Dave McKean and Neil Gaiman. Today we acted out a scene from the book practising using open and closed questions. These performances will help us to write our own play scripts for the book. 


We started the week off by making our very own slime, we used our existing knowledge on states of matter to help us decide whether it was a solid or a liquid. We all thought that it had to be both as it had the properties of a solid and liquid, but we found out it was actually a non-Newtonian liquid! We have also carried out investigations on pitch by changing the material, length and diameter of different poles. Some of us created our own instruments to see if we could make instruments with high and low pitch.

Over the last few weeks we have been looking at a range our poems in our English lessons. We have really enjoyed writing and performing rap poems based on a fairy tale. Today we spent time reading lots of poems with our friends discussing which ones were our favourite! 

Year 4 have been very busy during Healthy Eating Week. At the start of the week Marcin Franke, a parent at OLM, came in to talk to the children about his job as a fitness coach and the ways to keep our bodies and brains healthy. On Thursday, we had two workshops with A-Life, the first was a range of activities on healthy and unhealthy lifestyles. The second was circuit training were the children had to rotate between a range of activities spending just 2 minutes on each.

Year 3 and 4 were very lucky last week as children's Author Karen McCombie came to visit. She gave an inspiring speech all about what it is like to be an author, where she gets her ideas from (mostly her childhood diaries) and how books are made. It was also a chance to share her new book – ‘St Grizzle’s School For Girls, Goats and Random Boys‘. Karen very kindly signed the children's books! It was a very exciting and inspiring visit, the children haven't been able to put their books down!

On Wednesday 23rd November we travelled back in time to Ancient Egypt. With the help of Egyptologist Steve we learnt all about the geography of ancient Egypt, how to dance like an Egyptian, what life was like and how to measure in royal cubits! In the afternoon, we discovered the secrets of mummification, from the death of a pharaoh, to the mummification process, burial, funeral procession and finished with crowning of a new Pharaoh. An exciting day for children and staff alike!

In computing, Year 4 have been learning about coding and have completed a unit called 'We are software developers.' We have been using a programme called 'Scratch' and have learnt to use the following skills: make a sprite move forwards, spin, glide and dance, use if then else selection tools, add repetition, debug and create an interface for our game. 


In Science we recreated the digestive system using different objects to represent each digestive part. It was very interesting (but a little bit gross) finding out what happens to the food we eat!

Today in our History lesson we turned each other into mummies!! We then learnt all about the ancient Egyptian mummification process and the importance of preserving the body. 

Today was Art Day at OLM, Year 4 were focusing on 'The Badminton Game' by David Inshaw. We spent the morning thinking about art in nature; we sketched some famous painting such as Monet's Lillies and Van Gogh's Sunflowers. Then we had a chance to mix paints to create the different shades of green we would need for our paintings. In the afternoon, we sketched the outline before painting each section using different techniques. We enjoyed dabbing the most! 

To gain inspiration for Art Day, we took a visit to Coldfall Woods. We thought about the different colours we could see in the woods. We then collected natural materials to make pictures. It was a great day!

Have a look what we have been up to so far this term! We love using different resources in our maths lessons such as deines, place value counters and place value cards. 

Today 4M had their first guitar lesson, we cannot wait to learn more!


Ms McCracken and Ms Katsikides 

Teaching assistant

Mrs Regis

Learning support assistants

 Ms Barry and Ms Benmore