Curriculum Information

The EYFS curriculum is divided into seven different learning areas - Communication and Language, Physical Development, Personal and Social Development, Literacy (Reading, Writing), Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design. As a Catholic school, we also teach RE.

Communication and Language

This area involves developing Listening and Attention, Understanding and Speaking.


Physical Development 

This area involves developing Moving and Handling and Health and self-care.


Personal and Social Development

This area involves developing Self-confidence and Awareness, Feelings and Behaviour and Making relationships.



This area involves Reading and Writing.



This area involves learning Numbers and Shape, Space and Measure.


Understanding the World

This area involves learning about People and Communities, The World and Technology


Expressive arts and design

This area involves learning about Media and Materials, and Being Imaginative



We use the Here Come and See scheme of work to teach R.E.



Spring 2


Welcome back to the second half of Spring Term.

Our focus text for this half term is an gripping story called Biscuit Bear by Mini Grey. This text has many cross curricular links with all areas of learning. 

Story Overview:

During a baking session with his mum, Horace makes Biscuit Bear, but despite all his best efforts to the contrary he is made to wait until the next day to eat him. In the middle of the night, however, the bear comes to life and finding himself alone decides to make some friends of his own, using flour, butter and sugar to make a whole circus of delectable friends. And so the fun begins until it attracts the attention of a hungry visitor…

Through using this rich text the children will have the opportunity to:

To listen with enjoyment and respond to stories. 

Enjoy listening to and using spoken and written language in play and learning.

Use language to imagine and recreate roles and experiences.

To talk confidently about picture books using prediction, asking questions, making connections with their own experience. 











 We have been designing amazing biscuits!



 The children have loved baking in the mud kitchen.




We needed ingredients to make biscuits so we wrote shopping lists.