Curriculum Information

Home Learning:

Home learning is sent home every Wednesday to be returned for marking the following Monday. Children will take their SATS Buster work books home. 1 week it is a Maths task, the following an English. Children will also have a wider curriculum task 1/2 times a half-term. Homework is designed to support the learning taking place in class, please encourage children not to race ahead but instead consolidate their learning by applying what they have completed in the workbook. Please work with your child to complete the activities, but please don’t do it for them! In Year 2, we always remind the children to try their best even if they might make mistakes. 

SPELLINGS: We will no longer be having spelling tests on a Friday. Instead we will teach and check spellings in different ways, for example writing them in English books and using dictation. In dictation, you say a sentence, and then your child repeats it and writes it.

If you would like to extend your child’s learning:

  • You can write spellings into sentences.
  • Help them to create a poster to learn the rules for the words they are being asked to learn
  • Write the word in three different colours and in big, small, capitals and lower case etc.


PE Days:

Both classes have PE on Wednesdays and Fridays. Children must have a full PE kit. Please make sure all items are labelled.



We follow the ‘Come and See’ scheme of work. Each topic usually lasts for four weeks. We begin each topic by exploring what each topic means to us before moving on to how it relates to religion. During the year we also learn about other faiths. At OLM we focus on Judaism and Islam. This is a brilliant way to teach respect for our community as a whole, regardless of cultures and beliefs.


The Topics we will be learning about in the Spring Term are as follows:

Topic 4: Our new topic will be Books. Children will be able to talk about their experience and feelings about the different books that are used at home and at school and say what they wonder about the importance of books in their lives.   


Topic 5: Our next topic will be Thanksgiving. Children will learn about being thoughtful for life, for people and gifts and that this is a vital part of our relationships with one another. When praise and appreciation are experienced, we are enables on a deeper level. 


Topic 6: This topic will be Opportunities. Children will learn that life, especially family life, or life in school, is full of opportunities for self-giving. Children will learn about Lent and Easter as giving opportunities and that each day offers opportunities for good. 



Throughout the year, OLM focuses on different elements of Catholic Social Teaching (CST). Each month we look at a different value and discuss what each one means:


September- We are Called to Live as Family and Community

October- Rights and Responsibilities

November- Promotion of Peace

December- No CST- focus on Advent

January- Solidarity

February- An Option for the Poor and Vulnerable

March- The Dignity of the Human Person

April- No CST- focus on Lent

May- The Dignity and Rights of Workers

June- We are Called to Stewardship

July- Recap

Please ask your child what we have discussed.



At OLM we use the Wordsmith scheme. This scheme focuses on a variety of different texts.

Next half-term children will learn more about non-fiction texts and become news reporters! They write their own new reports, becoming newshounds! As a class, they read and discuss a variety of news stories, looking at the big news questions and the structure of a news report to develop their skills. They practise recounting events in the past tense and using noun phrases to write captions, as well as writing questions using correct punctuation. After some teacher modelling, the children write news reports about something that has happened at school. Time is given at the end of the unit for the children to edit and proof-read their work before it is published. They then discuss whether their news stories are a success.

We will be continuing to use Year 2 writing objectives that will be sent home at parent consultations. We will use pictures and animations as stimulus for writing. 



At OLM we use the Maths No Problem scheme. This scheme focuses on mastery of different mathematical concepts.

This term we will be focusing on:

  • measurement: length, height, mass, temperature
  • solving word problems using the bar model method
  • money- calculating amounts of money and change, comparing amounts of money and solving word problems

  • 2D shapes and 3D shapes and describing patterns. 



Wider Curriculum:

This year we are continuing to bring our learning to life through our Wider Curriculum lessons.

As children now know, our Wider Curriculum includes Science, History, Geography, Art and D&T learning.

History and DT

In Spring 1 we will be linking our learning in History with our work in DT. We will be learning all about Castles throughout history. We will learn about the Pyramid of Power and the different jobs people did in medieval times. 

In DT we will be thinking about the question 'Where can we fly our class flag ' We will thinking about design, materials and impact! We will select appropriate materials according to their characteristics and create our own unique flags to display in our classroom. 

Use these links to help support your child’s learning:




In Science will learn all about habitats. 

Children will:

Explore and compare the differences between things that are living, dead, and things that have never been alive

Identify that most living things live in habitats to which they are suited

Describe how different habitats provide for the basic needs of different kinds of animals and plants, and how they depend on each other

Identify and name a variety of plants and animals in their habitats, including micro-habitats

I can describe how animals obtain their food from plants and other animals, using the idea of a simple food chain, and identify and name different sources of food.

Use these links to help support your child’s learning:


In the Spring term children will be learning how algorithms work by giving simple instructions. 


We will also continue to think about the importance of e-safety:



This term children will be taking part in weekly PE sessions with Sean and Tommy. Children will also be learning about team games and using equipment to show sporting skills. Children will continue learn how to set up equipment correctly.



This term the children will be continuing to learn about the key concepts in music with our specialist music teacher:



Special Events:

Castles, Knights and Princesses workshop- January 29th. 



How you can support your child’s learning:

Recommended reading texts for different ages


Information for parents- National Curriculum Tests