School closure

Dear Reception parents and carers,

Below is a list of activities you could do to help support your child's learning whilst at home. 

Please don't put pressure on yourselves or your children to get these activities done, they are just suggestions. Enjoy the time you have with each other at home, playing and talking together. 

We have enjoyed looking at the photographs and videos that some of you have put on to Tapestry of the fun you have been having at home. Please continue to add these for staff to see. 

As always, thank you for your ongoing support in such uncertain times.

Happy learning and we hope to see you soon!

Suggested Timetable for 30th March 2020

 Rec suggested timetable wb 30th March.docxDownload
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RE Activity Week 30th March 2020

 RE activity wb 30th March 20.docxDownload
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Maths Activities Week 30th March 2020

 Rec Maths activities sb 30th March 20 Wk 1.docxDownload
 Wk 1 LRRH addition to 10 sheet.pdfDownload
 Wk 1 Wed LRRH counting to 20 sheet.pdfDownload
 Wk 1 Wed LRRH missing numbers sheet.pdfDownload
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Literacy Activities Week 30th March 2020

 Literacy activities wb 30th March 2020 Rec.docxDownload
 Phonics Challenges Phase 2.pdfDownload
 Rec Phonics wb 30th March 2020.docxDownload
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Challenge Activities Week 30th March 2020

 Weekly Challenges wb 30th March 2020 Rec.docxDownload
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Useful websites

 Useful websites.docxDownload
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